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  1. Hi Everyone - I have a few PSTs that I'd like to ultimately export to HTML, PDF or another portable, indexable format to make it more accessible... I regularly work from several computers, some of which are running different versions of Windows & Office. I was hoping that Office 2007 would make it possible to export emails to PDF or XML Paper, but no such luck... those features only work in Word & Excel I've tried to simply "Export" my PST to a CSV or Access DB... but the export function is basically useless... it doesn't export the dates that an email was sent and some messages were truncated. I'm really getting kind of peeved that my data is locked in these PSTs! I also tried using Mozilla Thunderbird to import everything from Outlook... but that process has some problems processing some RTF email. Has anyone out there has solved this problem or knows of an application (free or commercial) that would allow me to do this?
  2. One caveat is Outlook. Outlook 2003 with Office 2000 will work, but you'll get some pop-up errors every now and then.
  3. Doh! My bad. I knew what you wanted... but gave you the wrong example. Sorry Thanks alot for the info.
  4. Not a dumb question at all. The problem is that I'm dealing with PCs in a variety of domains with scrambled local admin passwords, and need a way to allow unprivleged users to patch workstations. Unfortunately, I didn't think it through all of the way, and I'm not sure that I want to auto-login an administrative accound to apply the patches after the PE disk copies it down to the workstation.
  5. Hi Chris - Thanks for the info, this looks interesting. But I want to edit the Windows XP registry from Windows PE, not edit the Windows PE registry. Can you slam the WinXP registry from the PE environment? I haven't heard much about this before, so any links to any kind of documentation would be welcome.
  6. I have a bit of a challenge... we have a bunch of legacy Windows 2000 and XP systems to support that either exist in atypical domains, or don't belong to a domain at all. Its going to be a few months before I can get these machines transitioned to a proper environment where SUS & Tivoli are available to apply updates, so I need a temporary & cheap solution to get patches distributed via CD & Mail! Does anyone out there know if it is possible to edit the registry on a host system while in a PE environment? In my ideal scenario, I'd have a Windows PE bootdisk that does the following: 1. Copy hotfixes or other updates to the local hard disk 2. Add a RunOnce entry to the registry on the hard disk 3. Updates get applied when the machine reboots Can anyone point me in the direction of some code or an article that would help me do this?
  7. Hi guys - Could anyone around here point me at a guide or give some advice about installing Windows 2000/XP over a network? Basically I need to find out how to setup a Windows 2000 server as a boot & installation server. Setting up PXE on the clients is no problem. Unfortunately, I do not have any funding available to buy a product like Altaris, so I am going to have to "roll my own" for the time being. Any thoughts?

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