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Installing unsigned drivers in unattended

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I've got my unattended disc set up and everythign is working great right now except that I can not get my monitor drivers to take.

I have the correct path to the monitor drivers.


And i have this


All of my other drivers are being used during unattended, but then again they are all signed. Can anyone think why this is happening?



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I started looking through my setupapi.log file and i realize that since my monitor driver is not signed(no signed drivers available) it lowers the rank of the driver below the rank of the Standard PnP driver. I am not sure about a reg hack to get a more detailed setupapi.log file, but ill search for it. I also am not having luck installing the VIA4in1 drivers during anattended either. Seems like its the same problem with the rank getting lowered.


Here is my setupapi.log file

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I have a similar problem with my monitor drivers. All of my other drivers install unattended, but the monitor always uses the "Default Monitor" driver. The strange thing is that the drivers I have are signed.

I have a Dell 1900FP and am using drivers for it that I downloaded from WindowsUpdate. Haven't looked into the setupapi.log file, but if anyone has any ideas, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.


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How many times :)

edit your i386\HIVESFT.INF and change line containing

HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Driver Signing"


HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Driver Signing","Policy",0x00000001,00

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