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Unattended Install. Insert Disk error

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This is my first attempt to generate an unattended boot cd. I've followed the intructions (as well as I could).

I'm getting an error pretty early on, when the install asks for the Windows XP CD into Drive A.

I don't even know ehere to start, but I'm guessing its in winnt.sif.

The start of the file is as follows.
















Any suggestions?


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Is SP1 slipstreamed? Do the files such as win51ip.SP1, spnotes.htm, WIN51, WIN51IP exist in the root of the CD?

Just on the spnotes.htm how critical are these? If so how do you incorporate both the XP sp notes & 2k spnotes both the same name in the root of the DVD?

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Its only based on what I heard that spnotes.htm has to be included, but I wouldn't really think it matters since its just an html file.

I haven't made my own Multi-boot DVD, so I can't really help.

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i don't think it's neccesary, if you look in like Txtsetup.sif, it's not listed under [sourceDisksName] and such. Just those tag files.

but if it is neccesary, you could maybe just create a dummy HTML and then rename the original 2.

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