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Deploy Win8 and Server 2012


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Does anyone know why MDT 2012 Windowhide.exe doesn't show the BGInfo wallpaper during setup phase. We are using SCCM 2012 SP1 and MDT 2012 script parts.

The commands (WindowHide.exe firstuxwnd) seems to execute fine but still the default black screen with the windowslogo is shown. It works fine in the PE phase of the setup.

Regards B

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Hi - Bjorn - did you ever resolve this issue because I have exactly the same problem. I've upgraded to SCCM 2012 R2 in my lab with MDT 2013 integration. The command line ztisetbackground works fine for the first part i.e. winpe, but during the main OS part i.e. install applications etc. the windowshide.exe does not run

I tried manually running cscript.exe "%deployroot%\scripts\ztisetbackground.wsf" /image:2 /debug:true and ztisetbackground.log informs that windowshide.exe failed to run

I can only test this on my VMware lab so I don't know if it is specific to this

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