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Windows 8 installation using winPE USB


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There are many similar topics regarding Windows 8 deployment... I tried to google and check out as many as I could. Wasn able to solve my issue though.

I'm writing here, hoping that someone might be able to help me out.

I am trying to deploy Windows 8 put problems with starting it. I have new Samsung laptop, where I have installed Windows 8 Pro. Iinstalled programs, created user-accounts etc.Then I bootel laptop from USB WinPE media and captured C:\ drive as a *.WIM file. So far everyting OK.

I got second laptop (same model). Booted it also from Winpe USB media and used Diskpart to clean-create partition and format it as NTFS. I created just this one partition. On that partition I applyed the wery-same image that I previously created. Image was applyed and then started problems.

--> bcdboot c:\windows is not working. --> Failure when attemting to copy boot files.

--> I also tried bcdboot c:\windows /s c: --> Boot files successfully created. But after this OS isnt booting, still.

Anyway, this is where I got stuck. Please help me out.

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An attempt: Install Windows8 from DVD (or USB) first until the first reboot. Then format and copy your Image again. I used for Imagecopy (Backup) under WinPE the Tool SnapShot.

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