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Printing to side rather than middle on printer

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When printing a 5"X8.5" document the printing is done as though I have a 8.5"X11" doucument in the printer.  The printing is okay when printing from my e-mail and browser programs.  I can't see any option or anything else that I could change in S Word.  It does it on several documents of the same size so it must be something basic in MS Word.  Any ideas????


Thanks a bunch,  Uncle Dewey



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It looks okay in preview. I'm not sure where to look to see what version I have, but am quite certain it was MS Office 2007 as I bought it in mid to late 7007. I did bring up a blank page and set it for 5"X8.5" and then entered data across the entire document and it printed just fine. Also, I recently changed printers and it uses PCL5 language while the previous printer was PCL6, but I thought it worked okay since then, but......

Thanks a bunch for your interest. Uncle Dewey

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the printing is done as though I have a 8.5"X11" document in the printer.

where do you take those numbers from (is it an impression you have or do you read that somewhere?)

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I have selected the 5.5"X8.5" document in MS Word. When I print to that size document it is printing off to the side so only the characters that are in the middle of the document print. I then put a letter size document in my printer and I get all of the characters that are in MS Word. It is as though MS Word thinks my printer's paper is inserted to the side as oppoed to the center.

I have now reinstalled my printer driver, but it was to no avail.

Once again, thanks for watching over me. Uncle Dewey

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