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Well you can try adding network items back one by one by following the instructions in

(watch full screen and remove secondary logon instead of briefcase first). This if going to take some time and a reinstall without removing things might be a better option. What are you trying to accomplish by removing things? You don't need the space on the CD since you haven't added any add-ons. It's certainly not going to make any noticeable difference in the speed of the computer.

So just starting over might be your best bet and don't remove anything. What you should do instead is add things like all the updates until today so that you don't have to spend so much time at Windows Update. This can be done by visiting my site, downloading and running the UDC script and adding all the resultant downloads to the Hotfix, Add-ons and Update Packs section of nLite.

You can also add a few program add-ons for software that you use (we have some here in the sub-forum, at ryamvm , at winaddons.com and elsewhere on the internet) but don't go overboard or you will need a DVD instead of a CD or go back to stripping it and then you may run into problems again.

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Thanks for the feedback!

I started from a standard xp sp 3, removed all network related components from LastSession.ini, rebuild the iso, installed and now have the new connection wizard back.

Thanks again!

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