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How to integrate activation

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Check this topic Script used for Windows and Office activation info backup and restorin

Link -



If the above post is true then you will only be able to use the backed-up activation on the original pc it belongs to.

There are some warez tools which allow you to backup and restore activation and have switches to do the job. Thus you can silently call them via switches to do the activation restore. Please use this way on Genuine copy of Windows which you have purchased and not for any other purpose than that of backup and restore of your own purchased genuine license of Windows.

If you have reverse integrated your Windows OS, i.e. installed it on a test machine, installed applications/updates/tweaks on it and have activated it. Then used ImageX/GImageX to create a new WIM file, then theoretically the activation should hold. Though some say it gets resetted when Windows asks for product key during the end of OS installation before loading the desktop. No one has confirmed this. If so be the case then you will have to do the restoration of activation using RunOnceEx at first logon to be sure it gets done perfectly.


.: The information contained in this thread is for informative purpose only for general guidance regarding backup and restoration of activation in Windows. I, Harshad will not be held responsible for loss of activations if something goes wrong or any misuse of this information that the readers do :.

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