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Is there any way to run the latest Firefox on Win2k SP4?

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This question has probably been asked a million times before, but I would like to know if there is some way of running the latest version of Firefox, or at least some alternate build of it, on Windows 2000 SP4. I use XP SP3 as my main OS on two of my machines, but I prefer using Win2k SP4 on lower-end boxes because it's more lightweight and efficient than XP. I understand as well that I could just switch to Opera, but I use a lot of addons on Firefox that aren't available for Opera, such as DownThemAll.

Thanks in advance. :D

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I was able to get SeaMonkey v2.9 running as supported under Windows 2000 (so no KernelEx or anything like that). I can't remember offhand what Gecko revision that is, so I don't know what the comparable version of Firefox is.

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