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Should I run ie6setup.exe or MSOE50.inf to repair Outlook Express 6?

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Can no longer insert pictures in Outlook Express emails. The Browse button returns an error 6 code. No one seems to have a fix.

QUESTION: If I re-run ie6setup.exe or install MSOE50.inf, will it wipe out my existing emails (dbx and bak files), folders, identity, account settings, etc., or will it see them and preserve them?

Any other suggestions that work?

I have Win XP Pro SP3 with all updates through March 18, 2013 and plenty of RAM. My version of Internet Explorer is 8. (I assume that re-running the installer for IE8 - if I can find it - will NOT re-create OE6. What do you think?)


This problem just came up two days ago, and at the same time I couldn't do file searches using WinKey+F, and I couldn't do System Restore go back because Help would not open. At the time, when I tried to insert pictures in an OE email and hit the Browse button, nothing happened.

I fixed search WinKey+F and System Restore but lost all my past restore points, and now when I try to insert a pic into an email and hit Browse, I get "Error 6. Object doesn't support this property or method."

I can re-install (?) repair (?) OE6 two ways, per various posts:

1) Run ie6setup.exe, which I have in an independent hard drive.

2) Install MSOE50.inf.

Never done either before. WILL EITHER ONE REPAIR OE6 AND LEAVE MY FOLDERS AND FILES IN PLACE, or will either of them wipe out my existing data, meaning I'll have to re-do accounts and re-download a LOT of stuff.

I already backed up using OEQB (Outlook Express Quick Backup), but I've never restored and I don't know if that program will "install" with all the email folders onto a new, blank OE. (Or even if it will work, will old emails re-download from my email ISP anyway?)

(By the way, I don't care so much about IE because I use Firefox. I suppose if I do ie6setup.exe, it will update itself to IE8 soon via Windows Update.)


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