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Windows 7 autounattend assistance

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I have been trying to create a windows 7 autounattended file for awhile now and it seems to get stuck on the following error: "The Product Key entered does not match any of the windows images available for install" I am not sure exactly how to resolve this, it happened after I tried to fix the invalid product key error. I am not sure if this is a related problem but when I try to boot the DVD it does not go to windows 7 setup, rather it just goes back to the operating system. Any help would be great!

Additional info:

I have been using Windows SIM to create the autounattended file and Windows 7 DVD did boot on start-up prior to adding the xml file

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The Productkey setting can also be placed in the WindowsPE pass (you didn't post your real product key on a public forum, did you?). This TechNet article explains the difference in the two locations as:

"Use the ProductKey setting in the Microsoft-Windows-Setup component to specify the Windows image to install during Windows setup…

And later: " Use this ProductKey (specialize pass) setting to specify a different Product Key to activate Windows."

So you should be putting the product key in the WindowsPE pass to select the image to install and activate. The ProductKey setting in the Specialize pass will be used to try to activate Windows if it is different from the one in the WindowsPE pass. The specialize pass ProductKey should not be needed.

More information on Unattended deployments can be found on the Springboard Series pages on TechNet.

Hope this helps,


Windows Outreach Team – IT Pro

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Attachment deleted due to ProductKey! :no:

Anyways, try putting the install key in UserData in the windowsPE pass, for example:

<Organization>C House</Organization>

I am presuming you are actually using Windows 7 Pro (thats what CLG you have specified), if it isn't you can find all the Windows 7 install keys here:


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