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Video files crash Windows Explorer (and desktop)

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When I hover the mouse pointer over video files (to read the bubble info), it causes the desktop to flicker (refresh?). If I persist then, usually after 3 or 4 files but sometimes immediately, Win Explorer will bomb taking the desktop with it, After a few seconds the desktop will recover but WE has to be relaunched. If, however, I click rather than hover then WMP will launch and the video will play as expected. File types include avi, mpg and wmv (though the latter are less "sensitive". Not sure about mov files but they're associated with vlc.

Internet research has found reference to this behaviour when in thumbnail view for which a suggested solution is to revert to detail view, But, perversously, it is the other way round for me - ie the problem is in detail view! Also it does not seem to be a problem in third party exploreres.

This behaviour seems to have coincided with the aquisition of a video capture decice (EasyCAP - yes, I know!) and experimenting with various capture softerware - uLead, AmCAP and NCH Debut - and video processing apps such as VirtuakDub and Format Factory (It's quite a challenge finding a successful combination of these to capture, which is restricted around 4:3 from a 16:9 tv, in a suitable format to be reproceesed to the correct resolution - but that, itself, is not the subject of this post).

Edit: As I write, WE is behaving but I haven't connected the EasyCAP nor launched any of the aforementioned apps so that could suggest a focus for investigation but, even if any such combination does proove to be the culprit, would still be interested to know by what mechanism - something to do with codecs perhaps?

[WinXP sp3, dual-core cpu, 2mb ram]

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its always a codec problem or an multimedia app set as default that can't even read files because it doesn't support them (WMP - yes its crap)

for test, I'd uninstall any codec pack you have

and then install VLC player (you say you have it), set it as default player for ALL videos

reboot PC/OS

and see if it still happens

it would also be helpful to post event viewer error logs when that crash happens

Edited by vinifera

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vinifera - that kind of confirms my suspicions. Perhaps if the folder is already in thumbnail view WinExp doesn't have to do so some much "work" for bubble help?

As for codecs, I haven't knowingly installed any packs and none show up in add/remove. However, GSpot shows 231 installed of which about a third have low merit.

I guess I'll just have to blunder about - methodically of course! And will try associating more formats with vlc.

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