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Free Open Source Software project Desurium

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Hello, I am recruiting developers for a DRM Free game distribution client, which is currently licensed under the GPLv3 (Changes in licensing are in discussion currently).

To clarify anything first, I am not a developer, I am simply a beta tester/recruiter.

Desurium is the Open Source continuation of the previously closed source Desura client.

I discovered this client a few years ago and have noticed that there have been a lack of developers for this client.

Currently, the Desura store is 100% Cross Platform, and has games for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Unfortunately, the latest Desura client is only available for Windows and Linux only.

For Windows, the Desura client is stable enough for general game installations. The Desurium client for Windows is incomplete and needs tinkering with.

Linux users are strongly encouraged to use the Desurium client as it surpasses the Desura client in terms of stability and reliability.

Right now, there is a Mac client that is on the roadmap, but development has not yet started.

Windows and Mac developers are strongly encouraged to contribute to this project, as are Linux developers! Desurium is again, licensed under the GPLv3 license, so you don't have to worry about any restrictions!

Also a few strong notes:

This is a FREE OPEN SOURCE project, you will not recieve any pay or salary for this project!

You are not required to hand in any resume's or any of the sort!


For more information please click on the links below!

This is the github repository for Desurium

This is the IRC channel for developers and testers to communicate

This is the beginner's guide for compiling Desurium on Windows and Linux

Feel free to ask questions in this thread!

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