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Alternate App Store View?


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Does Microsoft have an alternate way to browse their App store besides the Store app on Windows 8? I'd like to show other people what sort of apps are available for Windows 8 from non-8 computers but their doesn't appear to be any sort of web page for the store aside from Microsoft's app store overview page. I've been searching Google but only finding third party reviews of some existing apps. I'd like to be able to show other people what's available when they ask about apps and I don't have a Windows 8 computer available (or even when I do – I find the App Store presentation to be a bit clunky).

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they need to add search to the store looking through every sub category is driving me nuts.

They do have search. In either the Metro Start Page or Store, just start typing what you're looking for. (No need to open a search window first or put your curser in any particular place.) It searches everywhere (Windows Explorer, Store, Apps, Internet), then opens the search charm bar (or whatever it's called), and shows you every place the words were found, and how many times they appear there.

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