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98SP3 FAQ Gathering Thread


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Thanks in advance for your help and for your cooperation.

Cheers and Regards

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Q: Older versions of the Service Pack used to change Start Menu banner and Desktop icons. I want to keep the originals. How can I do that?

A: Starting with v3.6, these changes are optional and will only get installed by selecting Windows Millenium Edition/Windows 2000 Theme option.

Cheers and Regards

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[*Improved and updated with more Q/As*]

I think some of the following are very important questions to address (for any package) as I had a few of them in mind when I first browsed MSFN long ago. At that time, I had to find the answers the hard way by reading every post of nearly every thread in the Win9x forum. Remembering what I've read is another story though... Here's something to start off with:

Q: What is the Unofficial Windows 98SE Service Pack (U98SESP)?

A: The U98SESP is an unofficial update package for Windows 98SE. The project was started in late 2004 [*correction needed?*] originally by Gape to continue where Microsoft left off. Development stalled at around the year 2011 as Gape had to leave the project. Since then, PROBLEMCHYLD has graciously taken up the project, and currently maintains the service pack. It contains all the official Microsoft updates from the former Windows Update website, and hundreds of time-tested, community-created unofficial updates, fixing issues that were never addressed by Microsoft.

Q: What does it do?

A: The service pack updates your Windows 98SE installation with the latest files, bug fixes, security vulnerability fixes, and stability enhancements. Your system will be much more stable, secure, and with additional functionality which allows Windows 98SE to do things that even Microsoft said was impossible!

Q: Do I need it?

A: The U98SESP should be installed by all Windows 98SE users, as it contains hundreds of bug fixes, critical security fixes, and stability enhancements. Having a more stable environment is reason enough to update. Advanced users who update their installations manually with the latest updates may not need this, but it can save a lot of time.

Q: Are there any incompatibilities/risks involved in installing the U98SESP?

A: The U98SESP is time-tested; it has been around for 8 years [*correction needed?*]. As long as the instructions are followed, you will be fine. As with any service pack, even those officially from Microsoft, there is a very small chance that it could conflict with something from your installation of Windows 98SE. It is STRONGLY advised that you BACKUP all valuable data before you proceed. Even if you are just browsing and do not intend to install the service pack, if you have not backed up your data, you should do so as soon as possible. In the event that Windows fails to start or another serious error, you will need your original Windows 98SE and/or system installation discs.

Q: Where do I download the U98SESP?

A: The link is in the first post of the U98SESP thread:

Carefully read the instructions before downloading the file.

Q: How do I install the U98SESP?

A: Carefully read the instructions from the download site. Once the service pack is downloaded, browse to the location of the file. If the file's extension is ".exe", double click to run it. If the file does not have an extension, add ".exe" (without quotes) and double click to run it. Carefully read the meassage and click yes to continue. Next, check-off the options you want to install. Highlight an option to view its description. Most Windows 98SE users will only need the Main Updates. DO NOT COMPULSIVELY CHECK ALL OPTIONS. If you do not understand what an option is for, you do not need it. Click OK to continue. Once the installation is complete, restart the computer. You may need to restart a second time after Windows loads up. That's it. Windows is now fully updated, and much more stable than it ever was.

Q: Which updates should I check-off?

A: Highlight an option to view its description. Most Windows 98SE users will only need the Main Updates. DO NOT COMPULSIVELY CHECK ALL OPTIONS. If you do not understand what an option is for, you do not need it. 98lite users should check-off Internet Explorer 5.5 SP2 Core Files.

Q: Do I need to download updates from the Windows Update website?

A: Microsoft has taken down Windows Update, but it is not necessary to download those updates at all. The U98SESP already includes ALL of the updates from Microsoft.

Q: I already downloaded the updates from the Windows Update website when it was functioning. Do I still need the U98SESP?

A: Windows Update was horribly obsolete. It did not even contain every official Windows 98SE update that was available. The U98SESP has everything that Windows Update and Microsoft Download has, as well as hundreds of community-created unofficial updates.

Q: What if I have problems installing the U98SESP?

A: If you run into any problems, you may post in the U98SESP thread: along with information about your computer, hardware, software, the state that it was in before installation, and what you did to get to this point. The active community there will help troubleshoot your installation.

Q: Why is there no uninstallation entry for every update installed?

A: If you have used Windows Update previously, you will notice that some individual updates can be uninstalled. If the U98SESP would do the same, there will be hundreds of entries cluttering Add/Remove Programs.

Q: Is the U98SESP safe to install?

A: The U98SESP is time-tested; it has been around for 8 years [*correction needed?*]. All files are thoroughly scrutinized, and must have a beneficial and useful function in order to make it to the service pack. Files are not added simply for the sake of having an updated/newer file.

Q: What if my Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware detected a virus in the U98SESP?

A: This is a false positive. A false positive is when legitimate files are mistakenly detected as a virus or other form of malware. All Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware programs have false positives. If you are still concerned about the detected false positive, post in the U98SESP thread:

Q: Is there a history/changelog?

A: The U98SESP has been in development for 8 years [*correction needed?*]. That's way more detail than any changelog can record. There are some changelogs available, but the threads themselves can also serve as a detailed changelog.


The Q/As here can be edited/polished up as needed for the final FAQ.

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