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FTP uploader????


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I have a few friends who I met on here and on the message boards for XP. There looking to download build 2600 but they cant get a good connection.I was wondering if theres a EASY ftp program I can use for them to download directly from me. I have getright. Would that work. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Regards, Chris

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You will need FTP Server software, such as BulletProof FTP Server or Serv-U (BulletProof is better IMO)

Set up a user account for each friend you have, and share the drectory which has your 2600 rars/iso files. They can login to your FTP Server through your IP address and a user/pass. They can do it through their FTP Client (CuteFTP) or through a download manager (GetRight, Flashget) if they know the full path.

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I want to set up an FTP but i have my PC conected to a lynksys router which is then connected to my cable modem.

I can set the FTP up using my local IP but it cannot be accessed from outside the network, if i try to set it up using my public IP i get a message saying port 21 allredy in use.

Im using bulletproof FTP, how can i make this work....?



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In BulletProof FTP Server, go to the following drop-down menus: Setup > Main > General. Change the port number to something like 2600, and then get someone to test and login into your FTP using the IP address and port number. See what happens.

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Guest LouCypher

If you want to run a server on a computer connected to your ICS machine then you can run something like a port mapper to redirect requests on the ICS machine to the computer running the server.

You can get AnalogX's Port Mapper for free and redirect ports 20 and 21 to an internal IP and it should allow you to run the server from another computer on your LAN.

ht*p://www.analogx.com (check the Network section)

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BAH, my setup is like yours, a Netgear router, and a NTL cable modem.

What you need to do is setup port forwarding on your Linksys router, I am not entirely sure on what steps you take to do this, but on mine I have done this: Under "PORT FORWARDING" also known as SUA, I have forwarded port 27015 to my computer IP: I also did 50000 through to 51000 to my computer too for a valid range to allow passive connections.

Now in BPFTP it should show your internal IP as the IP for the server:

30/09/2001 12:36:12 - FTP Server On-line : IP(s), on port 27015

This will automatically forward to a WAN IP if you have setup things correctly for the router and the server program, you also need to set your WAN IP for BPFTP, which I see you have done. Also under Multi IP Settings you may want to set 50000 to 51000 for passive connections, and set the passive mode IP too.

I think this should make it work, as it works for me! :)


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