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Printer & scanner Driver removal from driverstore


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Ok friends, i have used Vlite(winSxs cache & component removal) win Toolkit (package removal & apply Tweeks) Winreducer8 To clean junk or unneeded iso file cause it decrease the iso so much . Then i remove All graphics driver without basic one, Printer Driver,scanner Driver from driverstore. Then remove Them from from windows/inf directory. Then remove them from driverstore/en-us folder. Then unmount it. I used gimagex cause Dism Doesn't Allow removing Default one. Then install windows. Everything works great but i have a few question. Can i install Printer & scanner after removing Printer & Scanner driver from Driverstore? I doesn't have any Printer & scanner right now, So i am not able to test it.

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Hey chije! I haven't used Any Tool To remove Printer & Scanner Driver! & After Vlite it works Amazing! I just used Imagex to remove The Printer & scanner driver.

vlite works on win8? is there any file need protect? can you share how did you do it and your config file (preset.ini)? i want to have a try, apprieciate your help. :thumbup

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