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Very slow boot

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I am having trouble with a Windows Vista installation... it takes a very long while to boot. I have run a complete chkdsk, defragmented the HDD, and scanned for malware but the problem persists.

+ System

- Provider

[ Name] Microsoft-Windows-Diagnostics-Performance

[ Guid] {cfc18ec0-96b1-4eba-961b-622caee05b0a}

EventID 100

Version 1

Level 1

Task 4002

Opcode 34

Keywords 0x8000000000010000

- TimeCreated

[ SystemTime] 2012-11-18T02:36:26.480Z

EventRecordID 6222

- Correlation

[ ActivityID] {00000000-9B8C-0001-D222-2EC634C5CD01}

- Execution

[ ProcessID] 1620

[ ThreadID] 3480

Channel Microsoft-Windows-Diagnostics-Performance/Operational

Computer Vista

- Security

[ UserID] S-1-5-19

- EventData

BootTsVersion 2

BootStartTime 2012-11-18T02:31:11.749Z

BootEndTime 2012-11-18T02:36:20.584Z

SystemBootInstance 666

UserBootInstance 652

BootTime 187419

MainPathBootTime 93619

BootKernelInitTime 49

BootDriverInitTime 5317

BootDevicesInitTime 7086

BootPrefetchInitTime 58577

BootPrefetchBytes 219258880

BootAutoChkTime 0

BootSmssInitTime 12671

BootCriticalServicesInitTime 1243

BootUserProfileProcessingTime 1609

BootMachineProfileProcessingTime 4

BootExplorerInitTime 11715

BootNumStartupApps 1

BootPostBootTime 93800

BootIsRebootAfterInstall false

BootRootCauseStepImprovementBits 0

BootRootCauseGradualImprovementBits 0

BootRootCauseStepDegradationBits 0

BootRootCauseGradualDegradationBits 0

BootIsDegradation false

BootIsStepDegradation false

BootIsGradualDegradation false

BootImprovementDelta 0

BootDegradationDelta 0

BootIsRootCauseIdentified false

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