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[Solved] Rebuilt .NET4.5 need to patch Setup.exe

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Hey guys, hopefully somebody here can help me.

I am trying to create a rebuilt, updated .NET Framework 4.5 installer ***exactly as the original.*** I have managed to split the SFX from the original installer, integrate the updates and rebuild everything again but the only problem is the setup.exe checking for digital signatures (of the updated .mzz and *.msi files) that causes it to fail


If anybody knows how to remove the signature check from the setup files I would greatly appreciate your help (I think its either Setup.exe or SetupEngine.dll need to be modded)

BTW I don't know if this clue helps, but I notice that I can use the modded installer to "Uninstall" the Framework if it is already installed, the setup verification of the modded msi and mzz files passes :o

Here is a link to the original installer http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=30653

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Thanks for your reply hessam, I was able to get it working thanks to Dubby

Alright so in short: finally I have found some time this evening (yes it's midnight in my place)

so here is the result:

file to patch setupengine.dll

@OFFSET 7918C 6 bytes

original bytes:

0F 84 35 01 00 00

patched bytes:

90 90 90 90 90 90

please check it by yourself, I haven't installed it yet, just trying to bypass the validation only...

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