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Replace acronis true image home with...

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I have a Acronis(Read:True image home) which i use to set up new computers/recovery for my clients. But i miss the ability to run my image virtual so i can run windows update and modify them. We are talking about 20 images and at the end off the year around 30 i guess. I have now started looking for a Good replacement that has the same specs(the list below).

Criteria fore new image creator

X acronis have this

- acronis do not have this

abillety to update image virtual(run windows update/modify image thru eks. WmWare) -

save direct link to image server thru lan -

AbelSupport usb lan boot "grub"(boote ble media) X

to restore 8GB Image inn 5 min(from start to finish) X

support multiple pc to connect via lan and get multiple image X

clone disk X

support variable disk size for the image X

GUI/easy script lan boot setup (for the technicians) X

Easy to make new Image on the server thru Esata (backup) x

Run inn windows (it dont have to) X

This is the important functions I need to have. And if it does not support running the image virtualy im sticking to acronis

and PXE boot is not my first option.

sorry for my bad grammar J0hn

Edited by J0hn

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