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need mother board drivers foxconn N15235 ?

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So I just got a well built, foxconn N15235 but some of the parts are not being detected, like the etheral, and PCI-CArd.

I also have a GeForce 7950 PCI-e 512 attached this machine, I was searching and found some drivers on this website, for that

card, but I have not found the thread yet.

I was able to get a 9x OS to run on the computer, with the 2gig trick that fools the OS into thinking their is only 1gig of ram.

I have not messed around with the cache yet. I hoping to make this the final 9X/ Win 3.1 tower I will ever have to deal with, unless uncle sam has anything to say about it.

I am also looking for the edited Win 9x Cpu-ID and or Cpu-z. Their was a website where I found that and a whole bunch of memory tools.


The system booted up, and I was able to get it to the desktop, but now I need the missing motherboard drivers and the

correct graphics card drivers to take full advantage of the 580M in the PCi-e card.

I am also searching for paint programs, and anything before the 2000 era as well.


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If this is 98 Second Edition or ME, try this:


I'm using it on my PC, think it may help with yours too. I think your motherboard using Intel 915g Chipset which doesn't have official 98 drivers. Here's Google's translation for that file:

Intel Chipset INF update for newer chipsets 8xx, and an unofficial update from Peter for 9xx and P / Gxx. I have successfully tested the 945 and the intel P31 + ICH7. I added support for Intel G41 and partial support for P43/45, G43/45, Q43/45 + ICH10. But does not work correctly SATA / IDE controller (hard drives running slow in compatability mode) and USB 2.0 (transfer is slow as possible, USB 1.1), tested on Intel P43 + ICH10.

You'll obviously need to extract the zip to use it.

I'd try updating missing drivers by pointing to the !UPDATE.W98 directory, if that doesn't work then try the WIN98SE/WINME directories. If it's 95/98 First Edition, you may be outta luck.

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