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Sysprep Blues

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Hi all,

I'm trying to use sysprep to make it easier to install windows xp pro sp3 onto a bunch of computers that are all exactly the same. HP Compaq DC7600 Stock systems to be exact.

Am following this guide : http://www.vernalex.com/guides/sysprep/general.shtml

I've followed the guide exactly, I even printed out the step summary and ticked it off as I completed each step, I've encountered no errors during the steps.

I've resealed the host computer, and put it into shutdown.

Then saved its partition to an image file using P.I.N.G. ---> http://ping.windowsdream.com/

I then start up the host computer and let it finish the mini setup steps to confirm that everything is working correctly.

The computer ask's me a few questions, I enter the computers product key, and get to a blue screen with the Microsoft Windows XP logo, and the computer freezes.

I should note that I had installed Media Player 11 onto windows xp with all relevent updates before resealing with sysprep, which lead to the "The system is not fully installed" error message during mini setup. I recovered my host to pre sysprep resealing with a backup image and uninstalled Media Player 11 and its run time's.

Any suggestions are welcome, I'm considering to start my host system again, and this time to omit media play 11.

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