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  1. Here's the Final solution. Yep I used a mapped drive REM Create Mapped Drive net use z: "\\adrafileserver\drivers\Brother HL-1430\Driver\pcl\Win2k_xp\ENGLISH" cd z: REM Install Printer rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /b "Brother HL-1430 series" /n "Brother HL-1430" /if /f "z:\OEMHL01A.INF" /r "" /m "Brother HL-1430 series" REM Delete Mapped Drive cd c: net use z: /delete Be aware !!!! I noticed that if the printer is installed as a network printer, that MS Word 2007 runs very slow. Did a bit of research and it turns out that word is querying the server for information about the printer constantly. Which causes the lag in word. So a bit of googling turns up the solution to install the IPP Internet Printer as a Local Printer using the IP address as the port. To do this with the gui, you have to install the printer as an internet printer, delete it, and then re install the printer as a local printer, and use the port created when you installed it as a ipp printer. Why ? I could not simply install the ipp path as a port, perhaps there is a way, but I have not found it. Windows refuses to accept the full path as a local port or as a tcp/ip port when manually creating ports with windows xp "Printers and Faxes" > "Server Properties" > Ports Tab > Add Port button. Information here was helpful. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314486 So I removed /x from my command, and the ipp printer was installed as a local printer using an ipp port, instead of as a ipp printer using an ipp port. Live Long and Prosper
  2. Problem was that the drivers have to be in the same dir as the batch file. My batch file was located at c:\ which is why I was prompted for driver files located at c: as I posted earlier. heres my work around. xcopy "\\adrafileserver\drivers\Brother HL-1430\Driver\pcl\Win2k_xp\ENGLISH" c:\brother_HL-1430_driver /d /c /h /e /i /y /r cd c:\brother_HL-1430_driver rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /b "Brother HL-1430 series" /x /n "Brother HL-1430" /if /f "OEMHL01A.INF" /r "" /m "Brother HL-1430 series" cd c:\ rmdir c:\brother_HL-1430_driver /s /q I'm copying the driver files to a folder on my c: changing dir into that folder running the command to install the printer changing dir to c:\ deleting the folder that contains the driver files I would prefer to change change dir to the folder on my server that contains the files instead of loading up my network, however got the following error when i tried. C:\>cd "\\adrafileserver\drivers\Brother HL-1430" '\\adrafileserver\drivers\Brother HL-1430' CMD does not support UNC paths as current directories. I guess I could create a mapped drive first, and do it that way... As always any comments and suggestions are welcome.
  3. Thanks for your input allen2 I have also tried the prndrvr.vbs command and prnport.vbs Turns out that If I want to use prndrvr.vbs, then I first have to create the port. I've got problems with that as well The full path to the cups printer is : The following prnport.vbs command completes without an error, but does NOT create a full path. C:\>cscript C:\WINDOWS\System32\Prnport.vbs -a -r "IP_Internet Port" -h "" -o RAW -n 631 Microsoft (R) Windows Script Host Version 5.7 Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Created/updated port IP_Internet Port However, if I run the command with the full path, it fails : C:\>cscript C:\WINDOWS\System32\Prnport.vbs -a -r "IP_Internet Port" -h "" -o RAW -n 631 Microsoft (R) Windows Script Host Version 5.7 Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Unable to create/update port IP_Internet Port Error 0x80041008 Invalid parameter I am trying to find the solution on google, but am not having any luck, will continue. The low tech solution is to copy all the driver files and dependents to my c:\ before running the script, run the script, and then delete the files from c: after I can add the IPP cups printer to windows xp using a gui, but I need it scripted for efficiency
  4. Hi all, Have spent a while researching how to install a ipp printer from the command line. Here's the command I have at the moment. rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /b "Brother HL-1430" /x /n "Brother HL-1430" /if /f "\\adrafileserver\drivers\Brother HL-1430\Driver\pcl\Win2k_xp\ENGLISH\OEMHL01A.INF" /r "" /m "Brother HL-1430 series" A window opens saying "Files Needed" and on the next line in that window it says "The file 'BROHL143.PPD' on Brother Laser Printer Driver Disk is needed." There is also a window behine it, with the following "Coping Files..." And under the heading it says c:\BROHL134.PPD So the system is looking for that driver in c:\ however the file is located on the network in the same dir as OEMHL01A.INF Any suggestions welcome
  5. Hi all, I'm trying to use sysprep to make it easier to install windows xp pro sp3 onto a bunch of computers that are all exactly the same. HP Compaq DC7600 Stock systems to be exact. Am following this guide : http://www.vernalex.com/guides/sysprep/general.shtml I've followed the guide exactly, I even printed out the step summary and ticked it off as I completed each step, I've encountered no errors during the steps. I've resealed the host computer, and put it into shutdown. Then saved its partition to an image file using P.I.N.G. ---> http://ping.windowsdream.com/ I then start up the host computer and let it finish the mini setup steps to confirm that everything is working correctly. The computer ask's me a few questions, I enter the computers product key, and get to a blue screen with the Microsoft Windows XP logo, and the computer freezes. I should note that I had installed Media Player 11 onto windows xp with all relevent updates before resealing with sysprep, which lead to the "The system is not fully installed" error message during mini setup. I recovered my host to pre sysprep resealing with a backup image and uninstalled Media Player 11 and its run time's. Any suggestions are welcome, I'm considering to start my host system again, and this time to omit media play 11.
  6. I'm new to sysprep and was wondering if I can install all drivers, software (that does not require a unique key - such as acrobat, java, dot net 2.0, google chrome, IE 8) Setup my partitions, then clone to 20 identical computers ??? Thanks.
  7. Unusual Installation

    Hi all, I'm setting up 20 computers just donated by a local school to go to the solomon islands to a new hospital and school being built their by ADRA. I find myself in an unusual xp installation situation. The computers do not have any cd/dvd drives, they support sata drives ONLY and I only have ata/ide cd/dvd drives in the building. I've read about how to create a bootable usb drive that will install xp, but its not very efficient, i'd have to leave the flash drive in until xp was installed. I only have 2 flash drives and 20 computers to setup Any suggestions ?
  8. Slow network big files

    Hi submix8c All computers running a ms os use xp home or xp pro. I've got the latest version of avg on most of them. I use msconfig from the run prompt and then look at whats in the startup and services tab, to find any unwanted stuff. I'll have a look and see if there is anything I don't need. Does the avg IE plug in really suck much system resources ???
  9. Slow network big files

    I ran a test today, i've cut up the 150mb avg free installer into 100KB chunks, there are 1500 files takes 3min and 37 secionds to copy the files across network. No complaints from other staff, I will do a new test on monday and copy the files to 5 computers at the same time, while using another 5 computers to browse web pages, check email. I have a batch file that does; copys files to c:\avg\archive runs 7z.exe to extract to c:\avg\setup.exe runs unattended switches pause for 10 seconds deletes the c:\avg folder I've noticed that avg free 2011 really slows down computers, they are mostly p4 1.8ghz with 512mb ram.
  10. Is there an advantage to rebooting the computer after every program is installed ? I have a batch file that installs about 12 programs, someone I know has suggested that its best for stability to make alterations to the batch file to make the computer reboot after every install.
  11. Slow network big files

    Yep they are HUBS heres the details of one of them SynOptics LattisHub 2803 RHTNHB1 Max speed 10 Mega Bits. We do not have the funds to purchase computer gear, everything i the centre is donated. Think my idea is worth trying ?
  12. Hi all, I'm a volunteer IT guy for a community centre with about 30 computers. Most of them used for free computer lessons. The centre relies on donated computers and networking equipment. We have an adsl modem that feeds a primary network switch which feeds 2 other network switches, all 3 network switches are 10Mega bit max speed. I've noticed that copying a 150mb file from the file server to a computer to install avg free, takes a very long time, and if i try to copy it on 5 computers at the same time, it takes for ever. In the past I've tried coping 1GB files from the file server, and staff members complained that they could not check email or browse the web. If I'm copying a small file which is only 8mb in size to 5 computers, no one complains. I'm thinking of using a program like 7zip to split the avg free install file into very small chunks, say 1mb in size(total of 150 chunks). And then copy lots of little files across the network to a few computers at a time, unzip the installer and then run it. What do you guys think of this approach ?
  13. Hi all, Product: Microsoft Office Word 2003 One of the computers in our community support centre has trouble getting clip art from "web collections" I've followed the following microsoft guide: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/895089 But the computer will not search for clipart on web collections, only local. I've noticed that If I click "web collections" twice, to sellect all sub categorys, when I reopen word, the options are un ticked. Any suggestions are welcome.
  14. Thanks for the code gunsmokingman I have used your vbs file verbatim and it works great. I've burnt it to cd along with the rest of the office 2003 install Files. The ADRA Logan community centre thanks your help !!! http://adralogan.weebly.com/ Regards, Remus
  15. Hi all, I'm trying to automat the installation of office 2003 as much as possible. Please view the below script to see how far I've gotten so far. ---------------------------- install.bat cls @echo off echo Please Enter the Office 2003 license key, without the - seperator SET /P prodkey= setup.exe TRANSFORMS="Unattended.MST" /qb+ /l pidkey=%prodkey% ----------------------------- This will prompt the user to enter a key, the only problem is that the license key the user enters remains visable on screen for the duration of the silent install. Is there a way to get input from the user, but to hide it in some way ? Such as when you type in your password in a form, its displayed as ********* Thanks in advance, Remush