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MDT2010 needs SCCM package for additional drivers

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Not sure if this is the correct forum but I have to add some new driver sets to an existing XP image and if I do the ISO will be to large for burning onto a DVD - even dual layer DVD. USB is out of the question due to the need for extra securtiy they are not allowed in the environment.

My thoughts are that we use SCCM to deliver the image now via a package and I was thinking of creating an SCCM package, not an OSD driver package, with the addtional drivers that could be accessed in the final steps of the build process by our onsite setup people.

Just wondering if anyone has done this sort of thing and your thoughts on how best to design and build this? I was thinking maybe a folder stucture with an HTA to get called???

If this is the wrong forum sorry.

As always thanks for the help...


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I would suggest upgrading to MDT2012 and re-evaluate your deployment. Use a sysprepped image (include all Core NB/SB HDC drivers) uploaded with ImageX into a WIM file. Build a WinPE 3.1 image and include your XP.WIM as an added file in the resulting WinPE 3.1, burned to a DVD. this link covers most of what you need: brianleejackson.com/tag/sysprep

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