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The Glimmerman

IIS Component Removal but keep NetFX3

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Hey Guys,

I have a issue and now its time to ask for help.

I tried everything and it driving me nuts.

I used RT Seven Lite for this but, it has a few bugs and it needs an update and because this project is in my opinion abandoned, I stopped using it.

So I step over to manual mode. (Read batch mode)

A lot we can do manually but what i liked about RT7 is the 'component removal'.

Manually adding tweaks, integrate updates and drivers is no problem for the most off us.

Enabling and disabling features is no problem at all.

But component removal is a pain in the ...

Here is my problem.

I mount my image.

Then I disable and enable my features.

Next step I use the wim_tweak to show/unhide all packages.

Then I manually remove my packages. For the most packages this is no problem.

The package I struggle with is IIS. I want to remove all of IIS but keep NetFX3

But when I remove IIS framework 3.5 is also removed or it breaks framework.

I tried Windows 7 Components Remover v0.8 and Windows 7 XML Creator to create the iis.xml and remove it from the image.

this results in a error in the image.

So my question is:

Is there somebody out there who knows how RT Seven Lite removes IIS without breaking netfx3.

Or removes IIS without netfx3 by commandline.

Thanks in advance

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