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Workaround for Aero related RDP problems

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I have a PC connected to my TV, which runs Mediaportal and this requires Aero to be enabled.

I also RDP into this box using a separate account (user2) to run programs, browse the web, edit video, etc using the RDP patch to allow more than one user to be logged in simultaneously.

The problem is, if Aero (or more precisely dwm.exe) is running for more than one user, strange things happen and Java apps won't load, video playback hangs before starting, etc.

The workaround I'm using is to create two shortcuts on user2's desktop, one that does "net stop uxsms" and the other that does "net start uxsms" to stop/start Aero (dwm.exe), so that when necessary, user2 can kill Aero and do whatever they need to and then restart it so that Mediaportal and video playback on the TV will work properly. I'll probably also put these in a logon/logoff script for user2, but it's still useful to have the shortcuts on the desktop, so that if I don't want to logoff user2 (so that I can leave a program running processing some files, or just because I want to take a break and go and watch some TV without having to logoff and then logon again later and reload all my programs) I can restart Aero so that Mediaportal will work properly.

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