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Omega v5.0 Custom ROM for Galaxy S III (Not USA)


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Based on XXALF2 latest Samsung firmware Android 4.0.4 (Date: 05/06/2012). Rom is Deodexed + Rooted + Zipaligned. This ROM support only international Galaxy S III. Doesn't support USA version because of different hardware.

Based on firmware XXALF2 Android 4.0.4 (Date: 05/06/2012)

Kernel Insecure XXALF2 by Intratech

ClockWorkMod Recovery v1.4 by Chainfire

CWM Manager v3.60 by Chainfire

CSC: ALE9 - set be default to VGR

Busybox v1.20.1

SuperSU v0.90

Aroma installer - Installation is fully customizable by user


All stock applications - plus:

Flipboard (updated to latest version)

Google Maps (updated to latest version)

Gmail (updated to latest version)

Play Store v3.5.19

S memo


Autobrightness is Fixed

SMS Max Recipients changed to 200

Battery % mod by pglmro

Disabled advertisements

Faster GPS lock

Silent Camera

Samsung Camera HX-MOD v1.35 by hyperX

TouchWiz with wallpaper scrolling+6x5/5x5 app drawer by Toss3 - Can be added from Omega Files

Disable increasing ringtone in Phone

Call Recorder - available in Omega Files - credits to wanam

Hide SMS from Call Logs - credits to wanam

Extended power menu by Walhalla


Dithered Holo Background added by Zabalba

Omega's addon applications:

Es File Explorer (with great Root Explorer)

Hide It Pro

Download All Files

Bloatware Removed

You can install them from Omega Files


Google Maps


Play Store v3.5.19


Boot sound

Plug in charger sound

Shutdown Animation

Rom is Deodexed + Rooted + Zipaligned

View: How to root your Galaxy S III

View: Omega Rom forum thread

Download: Omega v5.0

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That's a nice looking ROM. Dam shame it's for internation but I'm sure tons will start banging them out for the SG3 when it's released in the states. Right now I'm running Darkside 4.0.3. What's your name over at XDA? I'm under ScreamingSkulls.

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