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[Solved] How to resolve this type of error?

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How to resolve this type of error?


When I run the application installation via .cmd file, is appearing this error message:

"A previous WPI instance has not been closed correctly. Please close WPI correctly to allow the internet Explorer debugging keys to be propertly restored"

I started and closed the WPI several times, but the problem persists.

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It actually looks like you are trying to launch WPI from within itself...


Attach your config.js

Hi Kel, this error occurred after I did an installation in VirtualBox and among the applications at WPI was Dropbox, who was insisting on not closing the last window ... I believe that is what caused the improper closure of WPI.

Then I tried again to install the hotfix from office2003 using a script of Solor (mydigitallife, annex). I don't know if there is something wrong with the script, but it is not working when I try to install on XP Pro SP3, in VirtualBox.

To install these hotfix put all .msp files in a folder along with the installer.cmd and add this file cmd to be executed at WPI.

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Sorry, I'm ataching the file.


To update information:

I made a new attempt using the script below to install the office hotfix and also put the Dropbox to be installed last at WPI:

cwnd /HIDE @
PUSHD %~dp0
FOR %%A IN (*.MSP) DO (
Start /Wait %%A /quiet /norestart

With that, everything worked fine!

Maybe the previous script has some conflict with the WPI (?)

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