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Network Access but no Internet Access


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I have an odd situation I'm hoping someone could help me out with. I have a user who is getting the yellow exclamation point complaining about no internet access. We have a domain (win 2k3) and he still has access to all the local network resources, but can't get outside the building. This issue is isolated to just his computer, as everyone else has no problem (I'm typing this message from another PC w/ exactly the same specs on the same network).

System Specs

ZOTAC 880GITX-A-E AMD3 motherboard


Win7 Pro x64

Realtek PCIe GBE controller

Atheros AR9285 wireless

We use the wired LAN as the default connection for all the desktops (wireless is active but not connected). I switched him over to the wireless (unplugging the wired connection), and the problem did go away, his internet access was restored. After about 10 minutes the problem came back and now affects his wireless connection as well.

I'm stumped. I've followed most of the steps I've seen online (disabled and enabled the devices, disabled IPv6, /flushdns, disconnect from power, etc...), and all to no avail.

Any suggestions?

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Please show us the output of "ipconfig /all" as you may have a bad gateway address but that is rather rare. Have you tried changing from DHCP to static? Is there an IP address collision?

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Sorry tain, forgot all about this because the next day, he came in, turned on his machine and the problem was gone. Very bizarre. I had checked for IP collisions and the gateway was reporting properly, but hadn't tried static IP. I'll keep that in mind though, should it pop up again.

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