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"$OEM$\$1\Install" folder doesn't


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Hi People,

I'm using a volume lisence copy of Windows XP Pro. We currently use virtual machines to teach beginers how to install a fresh copy of windows xp.

Because we are using virtual machines and due to restrictuons to the users vm's I am wanting to install VMWare Tools at the RunOnceEx part of the install (just before the user gets logged on).

Nothing is unattended all i've added to the original image is the $OEM$\$1\Install\<vmwarefiles> folders and files and also the cmdlines.txt and RunOnceEx.cmd files. The RunOnceEx process runs and I can get it to install from the disk but for some reason my files don't copy to the system drive even though they're in the correct path to do so "$OEM$\$1\Install\<vmwarefiles>" (or so i think).

Does anyone know of a reason why it wouldn't copy the files accross to the systemdrive?



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There is no winnt.sif file like I said i've not done anything other than add the $OEM$ folder.

If I create winnt.sif and just have ;


OemPreinstall = Yes

then save it in the i386 folder should that work?

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