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ICS porting over to Tmobile T989


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If anyone is interested in flashing the new ported rom I would highly suggest using either:

RaverX3X Rom http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1531189


Racing19969 Rom http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1570012

Ive only flashed Racing19969 Rom and here are my steps and bugs found so far:


[1] Made TB of all apps

[2] Rebooted in CWR

[3] Nandroid backup

[4] Wipe Data Factory reset

[5] Wipe Dalvik Cache

[6] Flashed samsung_ultimate_kernel_cleaning_script_by_lippol9 4


[7] Flashed DarkSide Super Wipe


[8] Flashed Rom

[9] Reboot Phone

[10] Let sit about 10 minutes after reboot was fully done

[11] Rebooted again so data started to work (takes second reboot)

[12] Once 2nd reboot was done I gave it another 5 minutes before I messed with it.

Bugs or non-bugs:

[1] Camera worked perfect

[2] Google play worked perfect, downloaded on data and wifi and had no issues.

[3] Skype went crazy. I installed new beta but after it auto updated with the dragon add-on it went postal, caused messaging to stop functioning and ultimately I just started over with flashing

[4] Superuser had and gave root access to all apps, I did not have to reflash. On initial setup i just opened su, went to preference, su binary and clicked update anyways making sure I clicked "allow".

[5] I was able to change wallpaper from gallery on screen and lockscreen with no issues as reported by others.

[6] I did have echo from caller point of view, wife helped, speaker on had no issues. I was not able to try the fix as posted above.

[7] tethering worked perfect

[8] I had no delay on dialer or phonebook

[9] Apex launcher worked awesome

[10] I had no issues removing att crap with TB, it uninstalled fine

Hope that helps some. My install steps are very excessive but I have done those steps on all roms and never had any issues.

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