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editing windows 7 setup images need help

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ok have a disk and i have found the background images for windows 7 start up and about 2 dialog boxes want to try for them all if you lot know of any more dll's that contain dilog boxes for setups please can you share that with me but one other problem i have is a lot of people are saying you have to do this with Microsoft Deployment Toolkit so i wos wondering how i would go around to doing this

because i know loads of dll's that contain images in the windows 7 system32 and windows dir i know i have to extract boot.win and install .wim but im not sure how even when i edit all the pictures

i can get it back into the windows 7 iso disk and make a new disk ok so this is what i want to do by the end

change setup background (background_cli.bmp)

change dialog images (spwizimg.dll could only find 2 that i want in there if any one knows of any other dlls that have dialog images in would be amazing)

change media center background cant remember what dll that is can easily find it tho

wall paper background on start up and log on background witch i believe is imageres.dll

if you can help me with this would be amazing thank you elfenliedtopfan5

take note im a noob at this but also want to have programs installed to windows 7 like sony vegas if that's possible as well

take note if you could to a text tut step by step would be very much appreciated thank you in advance

not on my main computer at the moment but ill show you the dialog image later when im on my main computer because i have edited one already but dont know how to add it back and if it will work

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