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  1. ok i been editing windows 7 8 10 ( have not got a clue with xp really want to know how to edit that ) basically this is what i want to do edit boot screen + animation setup background i coverd in spwizimg.dll last 2 images + the background.cli works branding i coverd as well the huge issue as well when i bulid my unintended install and try to boot it i get some of the following error take note i been trying to do this now for like a week cant find haddrive please make sure driver is present and try again and when i tryied changing boot seen but editing this ntoskrnl.exe and winload.exe i got huge error on load saying cant find boot.exe and its all commited right and all that just cant see why it wont work for me here are some images if i start it on windows and dont boot it form disk and this is error i get when i boot form iso oh and take note even know first image says cracking windows its a untouched copy of windows if you ever seen the anime in that pic your see comical side of putting that thank you in advance elfenliedtopfan5
  2. xp and windows7 problem multi boot

    ok when i install windows xp on my pc it dont allow me to duel boot with windows 7 as well if i install windows vista it gives me a option windows vista or windows 7 but when i install xp it dont it just boots it so i cant use my windows 7 partition until i uninstall and re install windows 7 on the partition that xp was on my computer is not ment to support windows xp but it dose because i have a sata version witch boots right up so no problems now all i wish to do is duel boot it
  3. how could i make a program to change a image in a dll like logon or shell or windows 7 branding logo i know they all been done before but i want to try and make one my self in visual basic if its possible
  4. ok have a disk and i have found the background images for windows 7 start up and about 2 dialog boxes want to try for them all if you lot know of any more dll's that contain dilog boxes for setups please can you share that with me but one other problem i have is a lot of people are saying you have to do this with Microsoft Deployment Toolkit so i wos wondering how i would go around to doing this because i know loads of dll's that contain images in the windows 7 system32 and windows dir i know i have to extract boot.win and install .wim but im not sure how even when i edit all the pictures i can get it back into the windows 7 iso disk and make a new disk ok so this is what i want to do by the end change setup background (background_cli.bmp) change dialog images (spwizimg.dll could only find 2 that i want in there if any one knows of any other dlls that have dialog images in would be amazing) change media center background cant remember what dll that is can easily find it tho wall paper background on start up and log on background witch i believe is imageres.dll if you can help me with this would be amazing thank you elfenliedtopfan5 take note im a noob at this but also want to have programs installed to windows 7 like sony vegas if that's possible as well take note if you could to a text tut step by step would be very much appreciated thank you in advance not on my main computer at the moment but ill show you the dialog image later when im on my main computer because i have edited one already but dont know how to add it back and if it will work
  5. right what i wish to do is install windows 7 and add custom images like changing images on dialogs like this i want to change those images to custom ones other than the wight background and the blue and also what to know if its possible to have a program already installed like sony vegas 8.0 if you could help would be amazing also want to change logon screen and windows 7 theme thank you elfenliedtopfan5