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Welcome to XPCREATE

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Firstly, thanks out to MSFN for providing XPCREATE with this workspace.

Secondly, thanks to you for visiting.

More than Guidelines, I would just like to say a few words how I plan using this forum with XPCREATE. As far as Rules, the only one is to be nice.

Certain threads in this forum I consider to be of the General Discussion type, that may touch on many different aspects of XPCREATE or Unattended Installations in general. Other threads I consider to be of the Bug Report type. In order to facilitate error tracking and correction, I will close a thread of the “Bug Report” type once I consider the problem solved, or abandoned. If you would like to re-open the thread, just start a new thread, and PM me about merging the new into the old thread.

If you are posting about a XPCREATE problem, the more information you provide, the easier the solution will be to find. If the problem is during creation, a copy of XPCREATE.LOG is often indispensable in diagnostics. If lines appear in the XPCREATE DOS window that do not start with a timestamp, a copy of those lines is helpful.

If your problems are at installation time, C:\WINDOWS\SETUPERR.LOG could be useful, as well as other log files found in the Windows directory, and screenshots of error messages.

Welcome Onboard, and thank you for flying GreenMachine Productions!

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