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RIS Install Deletes "Install" folder


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having a few problems with my RIS install. The setup completes but for some reason when it comes to running [GuiRunOnce] in the .sif file or using the cmdlines.txt RunOnceEx.cmd method I get the same issue saying that it can't find

"%systemdrive%\Install\<folder>\myfile.bat". When i come to look at C:\ once the windows install has completed the "Install" folder is missing but.... the files do copy across just after the computer has finished formatting just before you get the GUI stage of the windows xp installation.

Any help would be greatly appricated.

Please find attached the .sif files the install is using the ristndrd.sif and rinorpart.sif files are located in the i386 and the (templatesfolder)ristndrd.sif file is located in the templates folder within the i386 fold.er




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your sif looks good I think for the



question would be what do you do in cmdlines.txt??

I also dont' understand why you have 3 different sif files.

Second would be how does your folder structure look in your ris for the install folder.

Should look like this:


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