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Help with shrink W7-already read forum but please

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Hi people,

I try to slipstream W7 acording to tips and info here at forum but I'm completely lost now.I please experienced users for help.Here is my steps:

1. I copy content of instalation dvd W7 to folder on disk

2.put in one folder gimagex and wimgapi.dll (version w7)

3.acording to user bapt's tutorial make trough gimagex " apply " and " create " (used same folder mount,evn if some posts are written NO,because if I understand it corectly meaning of this is to mount-extract install.vim to a folder and then trough capture unmount-archive it back to vim's file)

4.instal Vlite 1.1.6 to get vimfltr for vista and reinstall it with Vlite 1.2

5.try to run process even with minor change such as removing only games component and vlite crash in "preparing" fase

don't know what I'm doing wrong.

Please help

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