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delete wpi folder after completion

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Hi all, I have been trying to figure out how I can set wpi to delete its folder after its done.


i copy wpi folder to computer

start wpi

wpi finishes

now i would like to add a cmd so it can delete itself after being completed. leaving no files or folders.

any ideas? thanks

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Thanks, thats what I thought...

I work for a non-profit and rebuild many systems and for the longest time we had admin rights to a computer we use

but they changed all computers and now we don't have admin rights. cant create share, etc.

I was running it from network but now only option is to copy it to the systems, or run from cd but don't want to do that for reason of maybe forgetting cd.

Only have one thumb drive and it was way too slow from flash drive.

No big deal just trying to make things more efficient.

thanks or all your hard work


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I found a way if anyone else needs it...

I add a execute after script of a .reg file with importing this to the registry


"New Value #1"="cmd.exe /c rmdir c:\\wpi /s /q"

then set the computer to restart in wpi when finished

then after restart folder is gone and clean... bingo...

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