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Windows update/graphic card issues


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Hey, i installed 98SE on my Dell Dimension 3000 the other day, got it running and enough drivers to get on the internet.

I then attempted to go to the windows update site, to get the rest of my drivers (Graphics card, ect.). When i go to Windowsupdate.microsoft.com, it acts as if its loading the site, and goes through a never-ending reloading loop. It doesn't show anything on the screen except white. It would be helpful if i could get this resolved, but google hasn't had anything helpful for me.

Then i got on the internet, and since i knew what graphics card i had, (Intel 82865G) i downloaded the windows 98 driver. I install it, restart the computer and it tells me that there is something conflicting with it. I figured out what to do to get rid of that mess, and restarted again. Still only shows 16bit colors, and it tells me that i didn't configure it properly. I've tried to re-install it, but it is the same every time.

Maybe i should reinstall the OS? Somehow it managed to make a 1.14gb partition on my HDD and insalled on that instad of the 40.. Could probably fix it with a partition manager, but i'll just format the whole thing if i need to re-install 98.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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No problem.

and it tells me that there is something conflicting with it.

Did it say exactly what?

Another suggestion, and I'm grasping at straws here, you might check to see if the motherboard / BIOS has any upgrades available that correct that. But I'd be cautious of doing that unless you're 100% certain.

Good luck.

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when i went into device manager, it said that i was conflicting with something, and that turned out to be something with the bios. I fixed that problem, though.

What is says now is: This device is either not present, not working properly, or does not have all the drivers installed (code 24)

Try upgrading the device drivers for this device.

When i try to upgrade them, it tells me that i have the most recent ones for the card.

The bios may be something, but the graphics work fine on the XP HDD that came in it from the factory, and on my Server 2003 HDD. They worked fine on the windows 2000 before it started throwing sparks..

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Basically if I understand correctly then, it's a Windows 98 issue and your computer works fine otherwise, right?

I don't know... maybe I'd try installing another graphic card and see what that does. Assuming you're BIOS allows you to do that, because you'd have to change the settings to use something different than the integrated graphics chip I think.

So if you have any spare (older) graphics cards laying around, maybe give them a try.

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Yes, this is a 98 issue. The computer is fine otherwise

Sadly, i don't have any extra lying around (Well,any that i know of,) I'll look though.

Thanks for your input. i appreciate it.

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Might anyone else know anything on the issues?

EDIT: Ok, I installed an older driver, and it recognizes that it is there. Now it says its conflicting with other stuff

This device cannot find any free input/output range (I/O) resources to use (Code 12)

The conflicting device list is:

Memory range 00000000 - 07FFFFFF used by: System board extension for ACPI BIOS

Memory range 00000000 - 07FFFFFF used by: System board extension for ACPI BIOS

Memory range 00000000 - 0007FFFF used by: System board extension for ACPI BIOS

Input/Output range 0000 - 0007 used by: Direct memory access controller

Memory range 000C0000 - 000CA7FF used by: System board extension for ACPI BIOS

So, the BIOS is screwing with it. I just dont know why....

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I had another old desktop in the closet that stopped recognizing that a monitor was there. I googled how to fix that, and it was rather simple.. Unplug it and hold the power button for a minute.

That fixed that computer, and since the computer i was installing 98 on was a dell, and i hate dell's, i decided to install it on the other. I formatted the drive, and installed it. Ran great, i got the drivers for the card (Intel 28245G instead of 65, like in the other desktop) and installed them. Everything is fine there, works as should, so i went to look for the Ethernet card drivers, finally found them and got that working. Windows update still doesnt work, and is stuck in its loading loop. I got the newest version of opera, and managed to make it run with KernelEx. I then downloaded java 5, because that is the last supported for this OS, and tried to do basic java games, that i googled and found online. None of them accept Java 5, as it is too old. Is there any way that i can make a recent version of java work? That would be great..

EDIT: I did get some stuff going with this java, i just wasnt using IE so it wasnt recognizing that it had java. A recent version would still be nice though.

Specs on the dell i was using:

Pentium 4 2.4ghz

256Mb of ram (Took out the 1gb stick so it would run)

40gb Hdd

Intel Extreme graphics (82865G)

Specs on the computer im using now:

Pentium 4 2.4ghz

256Mb of ram

40Gb hdd

Intel graphics (82845G)

Thanks for the help.

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Who knows...

I've never bothered with windows update myself though. If you're running windows 98/Me you already have a measure of "security through obscurity." I don't know what good any updates would do for windows 98, hate to say it.


Mikko Hypponen from Finnish security firm F-Secure said that it was still providing updates for Windows 98 users who run its anti-virus package.

"In fact, 98 users are not at that great a risk as people might think: most of the new malware we see simply won't run there," he said.

Yes, Dells suck. I had two Dells. One of them I threw into a swamp in the woods, the other one I gave away.

The computer I have right now is an eleven year old HP Pavilion 7845, which was designed for exclusively for running Windows Me. I've had ZERO problems with it.

I tried fiddling around with a Dell, in my case it was nearly impossible to find a stupid modem that worked on that worthless piece of junk. Plus the fact I had windows 2000 probably didn't help. Seems to have been a terrible OS for 56k modems and overall bad driver support. But yeah.

One of those Dells was an Optiplex Gx260, which I attempted to "downgrade" to Windows Me and 2000 from XP. It was a nightmare, I eventually did get the graphics drivers to work, aftering trying several strategies, and I got the sound to work, but I never was able to find a modem for it. So I gave up. And I decided I wasn't ever going to waste that much money again.... seeing as how, by the time I was done screwing with it, I could've bought a cheap new computer from BestBuy or WallMart for the same price.

If I want to indulge my Windows Me hobbies, then I always check the specifications at the manufacturer's website, and if it says the exact OS the computer was designed to run (like Windows 98/me), then I'll go ahead. But If it doesn't say, then I don't bother with it. Because I want to know exactly before I spend money on it, then I'll just go and get the appropriate version of Windows off Ebay. At this point I have a collection of Windows CD that I bought off ebay including several Windows ME discs, windows 98, I have the windows 95 floppy disks, and DOS and windows 3.1. And Windows 2000. That way, if I'm messing around with old computers, I'll be able to install the right OS. Sorry, I know that probably won't help you though.

Advanced Troubleshooting for Dell Dimension 3000


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I used to have a pavillion meant for running me (Had windows 2000 on it when i bought it from a garage sale) and it was one of the best computers that i ever had. Windows 2000 was a great OS, and it was a good computer until it died.

WinMe has never done anything for me on the other hand, as it BSOD's whenever i tried to do anything. I like 98 much better.

Im currently messing around with my 3 windows 95 HDD's. Ive tried to go through one because it wouldnt boot, and there is a corrupted file somewhere in it, and it wont let me delete it, so defrag wont run. My second one, i try to do anything on it and it just says "Drive D: isnt formatted Would you like to do so now?" Its probably only doing this because im using the dell, and its the only computer i have with XP on it. Dell wont allow you to put the HDD into another computer and use it. When i do, it tells me i need to go register crap with dell and pay money to get it to work. So screw that.

Im about to install 2000 on a HDD that i have, because the one that it was installed on started throwing sparks (Literally..) Then ill be able to mess with my 95 drives.

I should probably look around for some 95 floppies, so that i can wipe and install new copy's on the drives that i have.

I have a 3.1 hard drive that i found lying in the dirt at a scrap yard once. I took it home, and it booted up like new. Still does. I wish my computer was old enough to support the OS. I also have a hard drive from 1988 that i got, and it wont boot..Guess the motherboard drivers arent compatible.

I left this business for a while, and now im coming back into it. Im tired of the new OS's and how they suck. Windows vista and 7 especially.

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Hmm... I wonder what model Pavilion you had, do you remember? Because mine has a sticker on the front that says "Designed for Windows ME + Windows 2000 Professional." I've seen people put XP on these computers... so it's not like it can't be done.

Maybe we had the same computer. Hehe.

Im tired of the new OS's and how they suck. Windows vista and 7 especially.

For me, it's not so much that the OS's suck, but rather: The software sucks pretty bad, and the user interface is crap.

The software sucks because it's deeply integrated into the computer and everything is "internet-ready." Meaning, they have way too much access to your computer just for some simple crap like managing photos, ripping CD's, anti-virus programs, and whatnot. Does everything always have to be connected online? I really think it's excessive and an invasion of privacy.

And the user interfaces just look stupid to me. I prefer the Windows ME interface the most. :)

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