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[BUG+FIX] Broken WPIPath trimming in browser dialog

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How to reproduce

Go to Start Menu, Run, type the wpi.exe path changing the case of some of the path letters and launch it: when adding files to commands WPI will insert invalid paths.


WPI doesn't do case-insensitive replacement of %wpipath% when browsing for commands to add, meaning that if WPI isn't started typing the exact lowercase/uppercase path name the path trimming function won't work.


Replace the following lines in configwizard.js

		if (str.indexOf(wpipath) != -1)
trimpathvar="%wpipath%"; //Could have used %cdrom%


		if ((WPIPathPosition=str.toLowerCase().indexOf(wpipath.toLowerCase())) != -1)
trimpathvar="%wpipath%"; //Could have used %cdrom%

Edited by Francesco
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