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Windows 7 and Samba; Weird Password problem

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Hi all,

Am a Win7 newbie and am already running into weird problems!

I am trying to map a shared drive (Z:) to my samba server, but for some freaky reason it refuses to accept the password.

BUT, and this is the really bizarre part, if I type the password into Notepad, cut it and paste it into the password box... IT WORKS!!!

I am fairly sure I have not been typing in the password wrong every single time!

The thing is, *sometimes*, after repeatedly typing in the (correct!) username and password, it'll suddenly let me in!

I go through a similar procedure on my Windows XP and Windows 2000 systems and have never encountered such weird behaviour! It's very possible I'm missing something really simple, but if anyone has any ideas or has heard of such a thing... let me know!

This is on a brand new Thinkpad x121e running Windows 7 Pro x64, if that makes any difference...

Edit: Interesting discovery: If I tick "Remember these Credentials" then it works!

The problem being that I don't actually want it to remember these credentials...

It also works just fine if I create the network map from the command line (e.g. with "net use")

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