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Server 2008r2 - Share to Everyone


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I have two Servers, one is 2008r2 Enterprise, the other is 2008r2 HPC. The HPC server acts as a Domain Controller, while the other has been setup specifically to deploy WIM images.

I want to setup a network share on both computers that will have read access by the everyone group. The DC share will be hosting some media files while the other will be hosting a script and a few updates that will run on the image before joining the domain. The problem I run into is that I have both NTFS and share permissions on both systems set up to allow read access by the "Everyone" group, but neither server's open share can be accessed from a non-domain computer without entering credentials. Is there a policy or some other setting that is preventing the non-domain systems from being allowed access as part of the "Everyone" group?

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Yes, but not recommended!

People who do not have an actual account in the domain can use the Guest account. A user whose account is disabled (but not deleted) can also use the Guest account. The Guest account does not require a password.

You can set rights and permissions for the Guest account just like any user account. By default, the Guest account is a member of the built-in Guests group and the Domain Guests global group, which allows a user to log on to a domain. The Guest account is disabled by default, and we recommend that it stay disabled.

Emphasis mine.


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I have been playing with this for a few days, so far I have tried:

Local and Domain Group Policies:

Network access: Do not allow anonymous enumeration of SAM accounts and shares - Disabled

Network access: Let Everyone permissions apply to anonymous users - Enabled

Network access: Restrict anonymous access to Named Pipes and Shares - Disabled

Network access: Shares that can be accessed anonymously - Media


Guest - Enabled

Share permissions:

Everyone - Full Control

Guest - Full Control

Domain Admins - Full Control

Domain Guests - Full Control

Administrator - Full Control

Guests - Full control

NTFS Permissions:

Everyone - Read&execute, List folder contents, Read

SYSTEM - Full control

administrator - Full control

Guest - Read&execute, List folder contents, Read

Domain Admins - Full control

Domain Guests - Read&execute, List folder contents, Read

Administrators - Full control

Guests - Read&execute, List folder contents, Read

ANONYMOUS LOGON - Read&execute, List folder contents, Read

With everything done I am still not able to access \\\ without being prompted for credentials.

Edit: For now I am working exclusively with the domain controller as it is a replacement that is currently in a test environment.

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