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Im running Windows 7 64-bit.

And last week i installed some wierd files, mods for company of heroes, and some other things.

And language changed to russian. But not in windows, and not everywhere. For example i have Fable III pc game, and when i install it with English language pack, game is in russian when i run it ?????????????????????

And when i try to install new chipset drivers, install is in russian???? I don't know what i destroyed of corrupted but is there any way to reverse setting back to english??

Again i must tell you that russian language isn't everywhere but only in some installations or tabs.

Thanks for everything and any ideas..



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Yes there are three languages installed English, pyccknn (russian i think), and slovenian (my native language), When i try to uninstall language pack, windows doesn't recognise any of there languages. and doesn't shows any language to uninstall.. :wacko:

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