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USB port not working


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I was a user of intel 945 mother board with intel pentium D 925 processor.

There are two OS is intalled in my HDD, windows XP and windows 7.

Yesterday i bought new motherboard MSI g31 p21 and core 2 duo e4400 processor

But when i change the new configuration with old one, both of operating system does work perfectly

only i need to install external graphic card's driver but every this was as it is.

But in windows 7 non of usb port is working while it's working perfectly in windows xp

so i thing there should be some usb driver for windows 7.

but could not find the driver

so i hope you guys have solution to shot-out this issue

thank you

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Without knowing the board model, I can't get you the correct link, but try installing this:

Intel Chipset driver

Or you can look up your board on MSI's website to get the driver they recommend.

i already mentioned about my MB in my post.. it's MSI G31TM-P21 intel chipset mother board

And i already checked in msi website but found nothing

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