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Windows reg command across network

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I am trying to use the reg command on a remote machine, on the command prompt, in order to read or write the registry. I believe I have admin privileges currently over that machine.

So I type in something like reg query \\machinename\hklm

As a response I get " ERROR: Network access path not found" or something similar (I am translating the error)

What does this mean? How can I fix it? As I said, I have full access over the machine I'm talking about. The reg command should work across the network and in fact, it has worked on another computer at one point. But on this computer I get that error.

Some enlightenment on this issue would be greatly appreciated because I am a bit of a network newbie.


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In order to use this feature, you need the remote computer to have at least server service and remote registry service started and the firewall open for those. If they are already started, you should look at netbios settings:

- MS client should be checked on each network connections used on both computers.

- in advanced tcp/ip settings, on the wins tab, netbios should be enabled on both network connections.

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