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Win ME Shell32 and Explorer mods


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Recently I have been experimenting with Win ME and Oppcomme to uninstall ME's "uninstallable" components. I wasn't happy about the fact that uninstalling PC Health left ME's help system broken even though I almost never use Windows help.

I looked into EXPLORER.EXE and SHELL32.DLL and found they are easy to modify so they access the Windows CHM help system instead, the same way it worked in previous versions of Windows. It was a simple matter of editing a single string in each file.

Modded EXPLORER.EXE accesses Windows CHM help files from the Start Menu help link. I included a modest version number upgrade from 5.50.4134.100 to 5.50.4134.101

Modded SHELL32.DLL accesses Windows CHM help from "Help Topics" in the Windows Explorer drop down help menu. Version number upgrade from 5.50.4134.100 to 5.50.4134.101

I never liked the newer ME/XP style icon for file types with no association and I prefered the older 98/W2k Taskbar icon over the newer ME design. Therefore I made an additional mod to SHELL32.DLL restoring the older icons along with the help fix. Version number upgrade from 5.50.4134.100 to 5.50.4134.102

I also made modded versions starting with Anonymous's fixed ME SHELL32.DLL version 5.50.4134.120. Modded SHELL32.DLL version numbers upgraded to 5.50.4134.121 for the help fix and 5.50.4134.122 for the help fix plus old style icons.

Unfortunately Rapidshare's waiting period for free users is becoming increasingly draconian, but here they are.


The download includes instructions for an easy install method making use of WININIT.INI files. At least I know it works when PC Health and System Restore have been uninstalled.

I have used these modded files on an experimental basis with no ill effects, however they have not undergone rigorous testing so care is advised. These files may also be of interest to people who use option 3 of 98SE2ME.

This is where the standard disclaimer goes about no warranty either made or implied. Use these files at your own risk.

All mods were made using a registered copy of eXeScope.

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Sounds kind of interesting but unfortunately:

The following download is not available:

http://rapidshare.com/files/1055231072/Me_help_mods.rar1827 KB

The file of the above link no longer exists. This could be for several reasons:

The uploader deleted the file

The file contained illegal contents and was deleted from our servers by our abuse-team.

The file is incorrect

The server is busy and can not process the request.

May I suggest you use MediaFire which is in my experience very nice and always promptly delivers. :hello:

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I'm not sure what's going on at your end loblo but I just checked and the file is still there. In the mean time I will have a look at the MediaFire website. I have had a rapidshare account for a couple of years but it is becoming increasingly user unfriendly.


Ok, try this MediaFire link


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