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[DISCONTINUED] Windows 2000 unofficial updates


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I have added three addons:

Microsoft .NET Framework True Addon - based on OnePiece True Addons; Versions 1.1 SP1, 2.0 SP2, 3.5 SP1 and 4.0 are included. Click on "[Details]" for more explanation.

Microsoft Runtime Libraries Collection 2.1.3 True Addon - based on YumeYao/ricktendo64's addon; installs all needed libraries of Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1, 2008 SP1 & 2010 SP1.

Windows Imaging Component (WIC) 1.2.0 True Addon - based on YumeYao's addon.

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There was a critical bug in one of the files included in UURollup (ENU). Please read this and this post.

I've prepared UURollup-v5 (ENU):

- ole32.dll 5.0.2195.7103 has been added so it will always overwrite the buggy ole32.dll 5.0.2195.7060 when you install the Rollup manually.

- shlwapi.dll has been updated to 6.0.2800.2015 (from BWC kernel).

- Microsoft Runtime Libraries Collection 2.1.3 True Addon has been integrated into the UURollup. It's no longer necessary to use it separately.

I've also added Windows PowerShell 1.0 for Windows 2000. It requires UURollup (ENU) and can be slipstreamed from HFSVCPACK_SW1 in HFSLIP.

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I've uploaded UURollup-v5a (ENU).

There was a minor bug in v5 related to the MS VC++ (Microsoft Runtime Libraries Collection(x86) 2.1.3) libraries. The problem is that several files have longer filenames then the standard 8.3 format. It doesn't matter when you install the Rollup manually but such long filenames brake DOS based installation when the Rollup is slipstreamed into the W2K source. I had to choose between:

1) Addon-style installation where files are renamed (from 8.3 format to their original one) after being copied during the W2K setup. Doing so would make direct slipstreaming in HFSLIP (from HF folder) impossible.

2) Keeping longer filenames which would make DOS based installation impossible.

3) Removing these libraries from the UURollup.

I've chosen the third option, and therefore restored the Addon. If you want to slipstream both the UURollup and the MS VC++ libraries, you should put UURollup in HF and the libraries addon in HFAAO. In case of a manual installation you can just install UURollup and them copy all DLLs from the libraries addon into your %systemroot%\system32 folder.

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  • 2 weeks later...

UURollup-v6 (ENU) is ready.


- Added kernel32.dll, shell32.dll, uxtheme.dll and a few other files from BWC kernel (WB files were used in the previous versions). The biggest advantage is that uxtheme.dll can be used directly from %systemroot%\system32 and that they add some very useful APIs to the system.

- Added dbgeng.dll, dbghelp.dll, imagehlp.dll from Windows XP pre-release. They have more APIs than the original W2K ones and are still compatible at the same time (later XP files are not compatible). Thanks piotrhn for providing these files.

- MS Runtime Libraries addon no longer requires any modifications so you can use the YumeYao/ricktendo64 version directly. The URL links to ricktendo's post where you should download the addon using the first link.

I've also updated Microsoft .NET Framework True Addon. It's based on the newest packages provided by OnePiece and requires UURollup-v6 (or higher).

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I was wrong about Microsoft Runtime Libraries Collection(x86) True Addon. It does not require any dependency fixes anymore but it is still required to modify its structure in order to be slipstreamed correctly so I have just uploaded a fixed version. You should not use the original one by YumeYao/ricktendo64 because not all files will be integrated into the W2K source.

I'm sorry about that :/

By the way, I have changed the title of the topic from "Windows 2000 is alive!" to "Windows 2000 unofficial updates" because I think that the latter is more appropriate ;)

Edited by tomasz86
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By the way, there is some important information to tell you:

1. HBR Rollup is going to be ready in the next few days. In all 24 supported languages!

2. I've been working on UURollup-v7 (ENU) & UURollup-v4 (Global). V7 is going to be the last version of UURollup (ENU) because... see point 4.

3. Update Rollup 2 is suspended (and maybe cancelled). As it's in the case of HBR Rollup, I wanted to prepare it in all 24 languages but there's just too much manual work involved related to merging all the INF files (it's related especially to UR1 which is a complete mess :/). I don't think spending time on it is worth it because... see point 4.

4. There won't be USP6 but rather an Unofficial Service Pack 5.2. I've decided not to start everything from the beginning but base it on the last version of Gurgelmeyer's USP5.1, i.e. update USP5.1 including all official & unofficial updates, HBRs, and add other components, ex. .NET Framework, etc. The reasons for doing so are as following:

a ) It would be a waste of effort and time spent by Gurgelmeyer to leave his project alone and start everything from scratch.

b ) USP5.1 already has UR1, MDAC2.81, IE/OE6, etc. included so it is much easier to update it than try including all these components again in SP4. I must admit that my knowledge is nowhere as large as Gurgelmeyer had and I'm not sure if I would be even able to integrate all this stuff.

USP5.2 would be available only in English simply because even if I manage to integrate everything automatically with a script, there are still many unofficial updates available only in English so it's not possible to integrate them in other language versions of W2K. Everything that's included in UURollup and HBR Rollup will be also included in USP5.2 so once it's ready these packages won't be needed anymore (for English system that is).

I hope everyone is fine with such a roadmap. Please tell me if you've got any objections or suggestions.

By the way, I'm also thinking about removing all .CAT files and "patching" the sfc.dll, i.e. disabling Windows File Protection and removing Windows Update alltogether. Why? The reason is very simple - unofficial updates break SFC anyway, and you must not use WU if you've got unofficial updates installed because it will not recognise the modified files, and will prompt for older official updates instead which is no good as some of the newer unofficial files may get replaced by them.

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EDIT: Help no longer required. See next post for details.

Guys and girls, I need your help :blushing:

In order to process one update I need info from one file wordpad.inf from W2K CD (i386\wordpad.in_). To be more specific, I need this:

MSWORDPADOPT_TIP = "Editor for creating short memos and documents"

APPS_DESC = "Accessories"
Wordpad_Infotip = "Creates and edits text documents with complex formatting."
WORDPAD_DOC = "WordPad Document"
RTF_DOC = "Rich Text Document"
WRITE_DOC = "Write Document"
EDIT = "&Edit"
OPEN = "&Open"

ACCESSOR = "Windows NT\Accessories"
PROGRAMF = "Program Files"

This one is for English system but I need it for:




















I already have:






If it's not a problem for you please just open the file, copy and paste it here. I know there are some people using different language versions of W2K here, and I will be very thankful if you could do just that :)

I can't proceed with the rollup without this info :/

EDIT1 I've found DEU.

Edited by tomasz86
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By the way, the wordpad.inf info can be from XP too! Even if you lost you Windows CD you should still have the file in the %systemroot%\inf\ folder.

Please help :(

EDIT: Wordpad.inf is included in WinXP SP3 :D so I only need to download SP3 for each language and copy the required information.

Edited by tomasz86
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UURollup-v7 (ENU) is ready. This is very likely the last version of it.

What's new:

- BWC kernel files updated

- added tools clip.exe, takeown.exe, taskkill.exe, tasklist.exe (created/modified by BlackWingCat)

- added drivers hidclass.sys, mouclass.sys (modified by BlackWingCat)

- added two new updates 940350, 2491683 (created by acus)

- added a modified syssetup.dll

- fixed a bug in Windows Script 5.8

- added MS Visual C++ 2005, 2008, 2010 libraries. The libraries addon is no longer required when slipstreaming.

The modified syssetup.dll is required to prevent Windows setup warning about unsigned drivers caused by the two modified driver files (hidclass.sys & mousclass.sys). It's related strictly to slipstreaming.

The bug in Windows Script 5.8 is related to uninstallation of it and what it's basically about is that Windows Script's registry entries are not removed after the uninstallation. The same bug is present in both official Windows Script 5.6 & 5.7 installers. Now everything is removed correctly.

I also removed useless language files from the libraries addon and as a result it's possible now to slipstream all the files properly because all of them follow the standard 8.3 format. I included them in the rollup.

Edited by tomasz86
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I have bad news. BlackWingCat's kernel32.dll breaks .NET Framework 4.0. Applications requiring it either display an error on run or just do nothing when clicked on. It's true that .NET 4.0 doesn't work perfectly in Win2000 but some programs do run and it would be kind of undesired to stick to BWC's kernel32.dll at cost of .NET 4.0 compatiblity. What I found out is that WildBill's kernel32.dll works fine so I decided to switch to this kernel32.dll once again. I'm sorry for inconveniece :blushing:

If anyone's interested you can check .NET Framework 4.0 using this tiny applicatoin. If it runs then everything is OK. If it doesn't run then you're probably using BWC kernel32.dll (or no unofficial kernel at all).

Anyway, I have uploaded UURollup-v8 with WB kernel32.dll (5.0.2195.7154) and also uxtheme.dll removed because it's not supported by this kernel32.dll. I've used a small "trick" here so you can even safely install it over the last version and kernel32.dll will still be replaced even though the one from BWC has higher version, and uxtheme.dll will be automatically deleted too.

I've also removed the .NET Framework addon and added two separate addons instead, one for .NET Framework 3.5 (2.0, 3.0 & 3.5 included) and one for .NET Framwork 4.0. If you need .NET Framework 1.1 or 1.0 you should just use OnePiece's addons :)

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UURollup-v9 (ENU) is ready. I overlooked a dependency issue with MS VC++ 2010 libraries in the last version. They worked OK with BWC kernel but don't with WB kernel so I had to fix them and add the BWC's kernelXP.dll to the package.

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UURollup-v9a (ENU) is ready.

Mfc100.dll and mfc100u.dll had wrong checksum and that was the reason to prevent the installer from working when they were slipstreamed. I used a script to fix dependencies and "modifype.exe" to correct checksum but something went wrong and it the end the checksum wasn't changed. I'm sorry about that.

Everything should be fine now :)

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I've uploaded UURollup-v9b. The only change is that I modified file version of syssetup.dll from 5.0.2195.6611 to 5.0.2195.6612 to distinguish it from the official one.

I've also added KB950305-KB977225. It contains some Universal Printer drivers. It must be slipstreamed through svcpack (HFSVCPACK_SW1 folder in HFSLIP) because it adds a few files which are originally not present in W2K's driver.cab, therefore they won't be correctly slipstreamed if you use the HF folder. It replaces the previous 950305 which actually also should be slipstreamed from _SW1.

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  • 4 weeks later...

A new version of UURollup is almost ready... but I have bad news. UURollup-v3a will probably be the last version of the Global edition of UURollup. I just haven't got time to work on it :/ as there are too many other things which I consider more important.

If there's another person interested in maintaining the Global version then feel free to update it :) I can provide technical help (modyfing update.inf, repacking). The most time-consuming part is to compare file versions, check if they can be installed in all language versions of W2K, test, etc.

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