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Looking for users management system

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Hi All,

For a new website that I want to establish, I am looking for users management system.

The system shuld able me to manage users (accounts, credits etc) and power users (accounts, credits, details etc).

The purpose site is to give a paid service to its visitors.

A service which will be given by the power users to the registered users.

By looking and researching the internet, I recognize that there is already constructed systems which I can buy or rent and implement in my site for this purpose.

(instead of pay extra money for programmer hours to build such a system from zero than make only few changes in already finished one)

Is anybody can please guied me or at least give me the right direction for where shoud I look?

I don't know where can I find such systems to rent or buy.

Many Thanks!

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There are many free CMS portals you can use too. I've tried Xoops, Joomla and others in the past. None of them ever worked for me so I ended up making my own system, but it doesn't function any more. Do a search for Free (language) CMS, where (language) is the one you are using on your server, like PHP or ASP.NET, C# etc.

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