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7Customize integrate/Slimstream Windows 7 SP1

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Hello chiefZeke, grabben & anyone,

Note: I am posted this again use New Topic because not sure if the add reply would be seen, sorry but I really need an answer to this.

I need both your help to resolve or explain to me a way that I can integrate/slimstream Windows 7 SP1 using 7Customizer. I have being googling and reading for the last month now trying to find a utility that will allow me to Slimstream Windows 7 SP1 using 7Customizer with no luck. After reading both your post on March 30-31, 2011 I was hoping that you found an easy and simple straight forward way to do it.

Grabben, in your post you mention that DISM could be use for Slimstreaming the SP1 but 3 files had to be changed. Could I get you to list the 3 files that need to be edited and anything else that need to be done that will allow me to use 7Customizer to do the slimstream for Windows 7 SP1. This really would make my day and I can move forward in building my image and ISO. Thanks

P.S. I hope 7Customizer come out soon with a new version that will include a slimstream options.

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