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Intel Chipset Series & Intel vPro


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I think the chipset series is supposed to indicate what its designed for? May I know how would you choose one series over another? Am I right to say

- P: No Integrated Graphics, "Best Performance"

- H: With Integrated Graphics, "Medium Performance"

- Q: With Intel vPro, "What Performance?"

I thought with Sandy Bridge Processors, Graphics is on CPU not chipset? Or does it mean I must get a Motherboard that supports the use of Integrated Graphics?

Also with Intel vPro, I see that i5 2400 supports Virtualization Technology for Directed IO etc, so vPro I guess? But do I need to also get a Q Series chipset to ustilize those features? Is it worth it? When I compare motherboards from Asus for each of the chipsets? I notice that Q Series has the least features. Also I saw many computer hardware stores in my country dont sell Q Series. Is it not recommended?

I am thinking those Virtualization Features will be useful as I am a developer who finds use of Virtual PCs via Virtual Box very useful. I thought I will benefit from it?

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