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Accessing NT Shares on XP?


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Lately i have been trying to access Windows NT4 Shares on Windows XP, but for some reason i cannot see any of the shared folders of NT4 on my XP Machine, and Windows NT cannot see any of my shared folders from Windows XP.

I have even updated Windows NT 4.0 to the latest Service Pack available, Even went through many options of Networking to try fixing this problem.

If anyone knows of a way that i can still share files with Windows NT4 without downgrading My Computer to a older operating system that would be grateful.

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So the computers show up in Network Places/Network Neighbourhood, but you can't see the shares once your in that computer?

Do you have any blank passwords for your username.

NT4 doesn't like accessing shares with blank passwords I believe.

Are you using XP Home? Simple file sharing could be a problem here.

Its not something simple such as all your shares have $ in them and therefore they don't actually show up in Network Places/Network Neighbourhood is it?

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